Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Healthy Blog

Hello everyone. I have been wanting to start a blog about the health benefit discoveries I make every week for quite some time now, and I am just getting some time to finally do it! I am eager to get into the topics I want to talk about so I will try to limit this introduction. This blog will be based on remedies, some clinically proven, and some tested by me personally. I do not plan to talk much about myself or my personal life because I do not want anyone to base what I have found to be for any certain gender,race, or stereotype. All I can say is that I have undergone some very serious medical conditions where I had was forced to find remedies in order to maintain my health. Please keep in mind, that anything I mention here is not promised to cure any disease or anyone's ailment(s). If I said this or that will cure this or that, then I would be in a boat load of trouble and complaints as expected for providing information like that. Of course I am not selling anything either, so I am being honest about my findings. I hope that this blog will become a rare find to those seeking it out on the Internet. In short, topics will usually be targeted around certain conditions such as kidney problems, heart problems, brain health, and other similar subjects.Before I get into what i have discovered, I would like to make something very clear to everyone. The things I will be talking about are matters that many doctors (possibiliy even your own) would not like you to start considering for yourself. The reaon is, Doctors pride themselves on thinking for you. If they did not, then why would you consider their advice? Afterall, they have spent and made mega money becoming what they have. So that makes them perfect in their knowledge right? I mean, afterall, they have personally tested the medications they are prescribing you, and they have no obligation with the national medical institution to prescribe new medications on patients in order to gain "overtime test results" for the health board right? There is definitely no way they are trying to become famous by getting their name at the top of the "doc list" by using you as a prescription guinea pig to submit side effect information to the national medical institute as a discovery, right? Please understand that I am not trying to turn you against your doctor, and I encourage you to keep going to him or her on a regular basis. What I am implying is that you have nothing to lose in understanding the above mentioned but at the same time increasing your own knowledge in the field of self medication through natural remedies. Only you know what your body needs, and only you can feel what something will do when it is ingested. Why should you have to chance a new medication that will "fix" your cholesterol, but make your hair fall out in a few years. Why should you have to take a new medication that will help you with chronic pain, but cause scarring to your liver tissue later in life. The medicine field is like a wheel of misfortune that you spin and take a chance on all the time. What I am going to be talking about are natural "medications" that have been out there the whole time. Natural remedies that have been very overlooked. Why should we overlook the fact that by not getting enough vitamin b1 for instance can overwork our kidneys and possibily lead us to kidney problems later in life? B1 (as an example) has been there the whole time like a guardian angel by our side, yet we choose the devil on our other side that says, "Dont worry about that old b1, the doctor will fix any problems we are going to get. Lets finish our cig and beer and get back to that movie we were watching!". For under $4 we can supplement ourselves each month with b1 after supper and feel good about our inexpensive choice to live longer and healthier. Nowadays, its more affordable to buy a supplement then it is to put a gallon of gas in our vehicle's tank. Its the little things we can do each day to reduce health problems and unecessary doctor trips that will cost us even more if we wait too long. Oh, and just for the blog record here, vitamin b1 helps the body convert food into energy, and was clinically proven to help (and even reverse in some cases) kidney disease in type 2 diabetics. The dosage they used was 300 mg of b1, which was 100mg with each meal 3 times a day. I recently bought one bottle of vitamin b1 which was about $3.29 that contained 100 tablets in 100mg form. If I consumed 300mg a day, I have little over a month supply of b1 for $3.29. Yes, I have been taking b1 for about 3 months now and I feel the difference. I am not a diabetic, but I know I do not have to be to enjoy the benefits of this (life saving to me) natural remedy. B1 is very well tolerated by the body and is found in many types of foods. It is a water soluble b vitamin that can be found at CVS and Walgreens for $3-$4 a bottle depending on the brand you get. I use the store brand myself and notice the same results I would with any other.

Well folks, I am very excited to get into this blog with you and I am looking forward to having discussions about your findings too. Like I mentioned earlier, I am keeping what I write about limited to what I have taken personally and the effects it has had on my body and health. When I seek out something new, its usually because I want to improve an aspect of a certain organ health such as brain, heart, kidney, or liver for example. I always look for information on what I buy before I run out to the store and buy it. And I always try to find clinical data to support my effort to try anything new.

The newest thing (and the first topic I want to start on my blog) is what I have discovered for heart health. I want to talk about this first because I feel the heart is the most important organ in your body. For the past 4 months I have been taking vitamin c (absorbic acid) and Lysine in milligram doses talked about on a clinical data website. If you can believe they have recorded that Lysine and vitamin C help reduce heart disease and might even prevent it altogether. Now after reading this, I could not help but wonder how I could go on and not try something like this out. First of all, a bottle of Lysine is about $4 at Walmart. Vitamin c is a little more coming in at $6. The Lysine is pretty inexpensive to keep taking while the vitamin c is a little more. The vitamin c factor is important however not just to Lysine but to just about every other vitamin I take. Vitamin c helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals as well as helps the immune system. You may have been prescribed iron (ferrous sulfate) or know someone who has been prescribed it. They were also given an absorbic acid prescription to take with it. This was to help their body absorb the iron into the bloodstream better. I see that elderly people get vitamin c with their iron supplements more often then younger people. I suppose this has to do with the fact that older bodies have a harder time digestion and absorbing the nutrients they get from food. But this can be the case in younger folks too if there is a problem with their digestion system causes by something else. Absorbic acid is a great addition to the other medications you are taking, as it will help your body absorb them more efficiently. Its sort of like getting more of your moneys worth out of your other pills. Anyhow, there is another benefit of Lysine that I like. It is a precursor to collagen, which helps the body maintain organ tissue. I feel like Lysine toughens me up on the inside, much like a workout at the local gym would strengthen my outer physique. And taking the vitamin c has made the other supplements I am taking more efficient too. Yes, I do notice the difference. Well back to the Lysine and c combo for a moment. After about 4 months of taking this awesome combo. I notice a huge difference in cardiovascular performance. I think I even notice a difference in breathing and lung performance too. But overall, this combo has made it possible to go an extra step in like when it comes down to physical performance. I have felt so much better it has literally made me even more motivated to stay on a fitness program. When you feel good, you want to do more. Feeling in good health will lead to feeling good about yourself which will lead to better things in life. I think everyone should start with the heart, which is where everything starts. If you have some time, do some research on lysine and vitamin c. The only thing I request is you do not slam me with what you doctor told you about this if you decide to bring it up to him or her. Remember, I am not selling anything here or trying to be right about anything. I just simply blogging about my personal experience with certain remedies that anyone can research on their own and make up their own minds if they think they want to try them out too. In the end, I do hope that if you decide to try anything out that it will benefit you and help you throughout your life. Since we are on the topic about something for the heart, I would like to mention something else that is very good for your heart and even provides an "instant relief" if enough is taken. The supplement is called "Taurine" and it is a natural amino acid. You can commonly find taurine in energy drinks but I would like to make it clear that taurine is not a caffeine or alkaloid that will give you energy or make you more awake. Taurine is put into those energy drinks to compensate for the other stuff that gives you the energy. It makes it easier on your heart to handle the extra caffeine and who knows what else is in the energy drink. Simply put, taurine will make life easier on your heart. I take taurine from time to time, in dosages of 5 grams or 5000 milligrams. Wow, this stuff makes my heart feel so good when I take it. I love taking it when I drink coffee in the morning. I hate to wake up, throw back 2-3 cups of coffee and have my heart feel like it wants to beat out of my chest because I overloaded it. So when I take taurine with my coffee, it feels like my heart is beating against a cloud with each pulse, which compensates for the torture I am giving it with early morning caffeine. If you have a problem with a heart that has pain with each beat, then you might want to consider trying taurine. Taurine is a natural amino acid that the body can tolerate very well, and best of all, there is no known toxicity level of taurine known yet. So technically you can take up to 20 grams a day and not get sick or anything from it. Although I personally recommend 5 grams a day, or even 10 grams for those with problems. Please keep something in mind if you decide to use taurine. It is not a replacement for your blood pressure medication. If you start to feel real good on taurine and it feels like it fixed your heart pain, do not be fooled into thinking it has fixed anything permanently. You should still remain on whatever you are taking. Taurine is most likely, going to make you feel like you wished you had been taking it all your stressful years. You can probably get the best deal on it at Puritans Pride or Swanson Vitamins. I have not seen any good deals at Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS for taurine. To sum things up, try using Lysine, vitamin c, and taurine for about 6 months and tell me if it made your "chest" feel better. I think you will be back to say thank you for blogging about this awesome heart support combination.